We made this: Dorothy and Otis

John L. Walters

In 2009, Norman Hathaway and Dan Nadel arrived at an archive in Arizona to rediscover a legacy of graphic…

Dance on the spot

Dance on the spot

Sarah Snaith

Abbott Miller’s iPad contemporary dance apps for the 2wice Arts Foundation – a dynamic coming together…

Pay close attention

Pay close attention

Rick Poynor

Adam Michaels and Prem Krishnamurthy of Project Projects bring deep cultural engagement to every aspect…

Reputations: Mucho

Reputations: Mucho

John L. Walters, Simon Esterson

‘We were interested in working internationally, to learn from different cultures and to know how design…

Chasing perfection

Chasing perfection

Mike Dempsey

From Penguin bestsellers to Royal Mail stamps; from elaborate playing cards to the covers of Radio…

Truth to photographic materials

Truth to photographic materials

Patrick Baglee

Platon specialises in arresting portraits of the world’s movers and shakers; now, with his People’s…


Typo Photo

Julia Thrift

London’s most progressive designers are working with a small group of photographers highly sympathetic…



Katy Homans

Robert Brownjohn wanted to eliminate the boundaries between experience and design. In an explosively…


Cultural Identities

Margo Rouard-Snowman

With the enormous number of new museums comes a need for clear graphic identity


Mondo magazines

William Owen

Some of the sharpest and most influential graphic design ideas come from the new magazines. Eye thumbs…

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