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James Souttar

A sprinkling of icons may make for a pretty interface, but many of them are opaque and meaningless

All you need is love: pictures, words and worship

All you need is love: pictures, words and worship

Julie Ault, Martin Beck

Sister Corita Kent’s freewheeling assemblages of text and image provide a new perspective on the 1960s…


Tart art

Tom Phillips

Despite regular attempts to suppress this unique 'folkart', London's public phone booths remain eclectic…


The image as evidence

Richard Hollis

The career of Germano Facetti is exceptional in its range. As art director of Penguin Book covers in the…


Self 2: Self-navigating

John O’Reilly

Ask a search engine for graphic design and you end up with branding. A trawl that throws up Future…

A Humument

A Humument

Eye editors

Tom Phillips’s treated novel is a key text in the short history of deconstruction and experimental…

Big subject, little pictures

Big subject, little pictures

David Thompson

Joe Sacco uses the comics medium to describe the lives of Palestinians


The portable art space

Anne Burdick

Designers who collaborate with artists and curators on catalogues must negotiate a complicated web of…


Reputations: Makoto Saito

Jan Kubasiewicz

‘I don’t trust words. You can say anything with words. I prefer a visual means of communication allows…

Scribble and strum

Scribble and strum

Andrew Losowsky

The layout and art direction of music magazines reflect and champion a wide spectrum of tastes and genres.…

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