Reputations: Neville Garrick

Chris Morrow

‘I won’t compromise my concept. If entertainment doesn’t contain information, then I don’t want…


Out of town shopping

David Heathcote

Though its public lettering reassures customers with poetry and fiction this shimmering mall is, at heart…


Reputations: Alexander Liberman

Susan Morris

‘I think the term “art director” is the greatest misnomer. There’s no art in magazines unless you are…


Reputations: Jean Widmer

Ursula Held

‘Signage reflects both the complexity of space and the way aplace is organised. And it is very…


The designer as author

Michael Rock

What does it really mean to call for a graphic designer to be an author?


Clarity and contradiction

Liz Farrelly

Irma Boom’s work is lucid yet challenging. It upsets her colleagues, while pleasing her clients.


Social vision

Paul Rennie

RoSPA’s WWII safety posters challenge orthodox views of British Modernism

Britain’s signature

Britain’s signature

John L. Walters

Margaret Calvert signed the UK – from road to rail to air. Now Henrik Kubel has digitised her Rail…


The history of interactivity

Bob Cotton

Interactivity is one of the central concepts of multimedia. Bob Cotton, co-author of The Cyberspace…

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