Same name, different face

Martin Dawson

Can classic, remastered fonts retain the spirit of the ‘authentic’ original?


Smoke and glue

Adrian Shaughnessy

The visual candour of Wallace Berman’s hand-bound Semina magazine links 1950s hipster art with…


Letters in the city

Robin Kinross

Eye reassesses the legacy of Edward Wright: designer, teacher, artist and “culture-carrier”


The meanings of type

Steven Heller

The back-stories, informed by trends, cults, philosophies and nationhood


Political clout: Australian posters

Roger Butler

Screenprints gave both activists and artists a means of direct expression

Space, time and content

Space, time and content

R. Roger Remington

Photomontage allowed Lester Beall to unite art, photography, typography and painting with revolutionary…


Mr Roughcut

Steven Heller

or: how graphic designer Pablo Ferro learned to split the screen, cut the crap and tell the story (in the…


Reputations: Graphic Thought Facility

John L. Walters, Nick Bell

‘It’s to do with keeping things simple and having the confidence to present an idea where everything…


Flexible geometry

Hugh Aldersey-Williams

How Studio Dumbar propelled the PTT into the present


Maps and dreams

Rick Poynor

No printing method is too basic for Jake Tilson. Created with photocopiers, his books, magazines and…

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