The univernacular rules


Jessica Helfand

Contradiction and comformity



Design history

Jason Smith

Type designer Jason Smith takes an appreciative look at the shapely curves of Eric Gill’s erotic…


Because they’re big


Jessica Helfand

As big businesses get bigger and broader and more ubiquitous, their vision often becomes remarkably…



Modernity and tradition

Phil Baines

Modernism tried to break with the past; traditionalists embrace it. But any kind of ism is fated to become…


Imperialism by another name?

Steve Rigley

India’s designers need to compete globally, but Western-style professionalisation could threaten the…


Editorial Eye 49

John L. Walters

There is a moment in Adrian Shaughnessy’s profile of Angela Lorenz where the latter…

The end of the line

Jamie Hobson

By favouring drawing over communication in the selection of students, graphic design education is missing…


Television did it first


Jessica Helfand

Ten myths and misconceptions about the so-called ‘new’ media


Editorial Eye 76


the editor, John L. Walters

Introducing Eye’s first-ever music design special …


Editorial Eye 45

John L. Walters

Though Eye 45 began its life as a ‘typography special', we thought it fairer – both to…
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