Opinion: October 1994


Why a nifty logo is no longer enough

Julia Thrift

Corporate identity’s success may also be its undoing. The fear of making mistakes has led to a bland…


Facing up to the reality of change

Rob Dewey

Graphic design is gripped by an identity crisis. A broader definition of the discipline would provide…


Have you ever really looked at this poster?

Richard Hollis

A critical design history should explore the relationship of form, content and production, argues the…


Editorial Eye 14


Rick Poynor

Graphic design is so deeply inscribed within the fabric of everyday life that it is…
Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde

Letters to the editor

Nick Franchini

Letter from Nick Franchini in Eye 14


Changing of the guard

Design history

Steven Heller

American graphic design is divided. The once rebellious avant-garde has become the status quo, while the…


The (layered) vision thing

Mike Mills

If it has dotted lines, an arrow or two and it’s impossible to read, then it must be ‘postmodern’. Are…


What has writing got to do with design?

Design history

Anne Burdick

We canonise the giants of design history as champions of total authorship, while overlooking the obvious…


No more heroes

Bridget Wilkins

Why is design history so obsessed by appearance?


Green’s grey zones

James Woudhuysen

It has always been the duty of graphic designers to challenge conventional wisdom.…
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