Opinion: January 1980


Fanfare for the common hack

Kenneth FitzGerald

Theorists cannot afford to turn a deaf ear to the everyday working experience of…

The myth of real time


Jessica Helfand

In her first report, Eye’s new media columnist asks why, when it comes to time, we equate ‘real’ with…


Growing up in public

David Heathcote

To tackle bigger projects and take more responsibility, graphic designers will have to get…

Freedom in the graphic galaxy


Jessica Helfand

Minimalism. Maximalism. Chaos. Software advances plus a reconciliation of two strains of Modernism may…


Business, medicine, the law … or design [extra


Michel van der Sanden

Under western influence, South East Asian graphic design is growing fast. In Korean TV soaps, leading…


Copyleft and copyright

David M. Berry, Marcus McCallion

Time to examine the debates about the ownership of intellectual property



Wolfgang Weingart

The ruins of Baalbek in the Lebanon


You are under our control


Jessica Helfand

Design, technology and psychology conspire to find new ways of teasing and fraying the passive viewer’s…


Editorial Eye 71

the editor, John L. Walters

This issue of Eye, a ‘type special’, celebrates a great era for the art, craft and…
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