Opinion: January 1980


You are under our control


Jessica Helfand

Design, technology and psychology conspire to find new ways of teasing and fraying the passive viewer’s…


Editorial Eye 71

the editor, John L. Walters

This issue of Eye, a ‘type special’, celebrates a great era for the art, craft and…

Editorial Eye 16

Rick Poynor

Is the education that graphic designers receive adequate to meet the changing role of the…

Women and the media: dignity and decency? Equality

Deborah Burnstone

The European Commission takes steps to ban sexist imagery in the media



Jon Forss

Tony Hart’s BBC TV children’s art programme Take Hart inspired the work of designer John Forss



Todd St. John, Gary Benzel

Pioneer 10 plaque, 1972


Geometry is never wrong


Jessica Helfand

The ‘exact beauty’ of De Stijl could provide cyberspace with a new set of design co-ordinates.




Nick Bell

The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin. Read and appreciated by Nick Bell


Editorial Eye 64

John L. Walters, the editor

There’s nothing like working on a quarterly magazine for giving one an acute sense of…
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