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Design history, Inspiration

Designer Simon Esterson finds inspiration in Ken Briggs’s National Theatre programmes from the 1960s

Postcards from the edge

Postcards from the edge

Visual Culture

The ‘unpatriotic’ Sphere caught US designers at the worst moment. Critique by Rick Poynor


Why bother? Ask the Dutch

When issues of quality, responsibility and professionalism are debated, the emerging graphic design…


Inflated intangibles

Visual Culture

The self-contratulatory message of a show about UK creativity was little more than…

Design is a ghetto

Letter to the editor

Letter from Ian Goodyer in Eye 15


Editorial Eye 15


In the three and a half years since Fuse, the interactive type magazine, was started by…

Facing up to the reality of change

Graphic design is gripped by an identity crisis. A broader definition of the discipline would provide…


We’re in bras, lamps and breakfast cereal

Today’s corporation is very different from its predecessors. But the identities devised by designers are…


Words fail us

Serious discussions of the relationships between message, audience and graphic design are still…

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