Michael Horsham

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Freeze-framed vision bites

Issue 10, Autumn 1993


The Designers Republic belong to a group of designers that revolve around the music…

Ales Najbrt [extract]

Issue 17, Summer 1995


Soiree in the ruins

Land of Logos

Issue 18, Autumn 1995


For Britain’s public institutions, corporate image-building plays a central role in the marketing…

Talking pictures

Issue 11, Winter 1993


The comic book speech bubble has evolved into a highly expressive form of vernacular lettering

Video to go

Issue 9, Summer 1993


Video packaging is an area of graphics both marginal and ubiquitous. Who decides how it looks?

The meaning of money

Issue 5, Winter 1991


Bank notes change hands without so much as a second glace – a daily act of faith that says much…

I don’t use a Mac but I know a man who can

Issue 13, Summer 1994


British design has split down the middle. Should its priority be art or analysis, and is the…