Michèle-Anne Dauppe

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Why we should talk to our neighbours

Issue 16, Spring 1995


Design education faces some important decisions. To what extent should it be about the study of…

Spiritual values in a digital age

Issue 13, Summer 1994


April Greiman occupies a special position in contemporary graphic design culture.…

Agents of change convene in Berlin

Issue 20, Spring 1996


With an attendance figure approaching 900, Fuse ’95 was certainly a popular…

Cyan [extract]

Issue 17, Summer 1995


Form + Zweck, the Berlin design magazine, champions a critical Modernism. By refusing to compromise…

After the wall

Issue 5, Winter 1991


Unlimited horizons? East Berlin design group Grappa come to terms with the new Germany

Get the message?

Issue 3, Spring 1991


Traditionally, legibility has been determined by a set of fixed criteria…