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Survival guide

17 November 2016

At Firstsite in Essex, Gee Vaucher’s ‘Introspective’ covers a long career spent tackling political and social issues that are more urgent than ever.By Nigel Ball
When I was a teenage punk in the early 1980s it would have seemed inconceivable that Gee Vaucher’s artwork might ever grace the walls of a gallery, let alone the front page of a daily newspaper, writes Nigel Ball.

Gutter press

21 January 2016

Nigel Ball on packaging graphics, ‘gutter share’ – and whether design blogs should be more sceptical about big brand news stories
As a design educator I need to keep on top of the latest developments, writes Nigel Ball, and a large aspect of this involves reading design blogs.

Design for life

28 February 2014

To mark First Things First’s 50th anniversary – an initiative to update the manifesto’s aims for the digital age
If you are not a graphic designer, you are unlikely to have heard of the ‘First Things First’ manifesto, writes Nigel Ball.

Back when the future looked bright

25 January 2013

A printed guide to the 1951 Festival of Britain prompted Nigel Ball to consider the value placed on design by governments – then and now
Not seeing the value of investment in design is a folly of the current British government, writes Nigel Ball.