Noel Douglas

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Beyond words

Issue 80, Summer 2011


Peter Kennard’s angry, wordless montages show a political nightmare in the hope that we wake up…

Whose space?

Issue 66, Winter 2007


When the demands of Neoliberalism play havoc with our lives, it is time to fight back, and designers…

Attacked by music, type & light

Issue 76, Summer 2010


Technology on tour. Noel Douglas talks to UVA’s Matt Clark about their sets for Massive Attack

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Beyond selfish

13 May 2015

Could Selfiecity’s systems of visual analysis one day become a force for the common good?
‘Selfies’ are a cultural phenomenon, and it seems you cannot move for people taking them, writes Noel Douglas.

Higher ground

27 January 2012

Occupy Design is an opportunity to change design, and design for change.
We invited Noel Douglas, one of the organisers of ‘This Space Is Not For Hire’ to explain the thinking behind this two-day workshop at the Rag Factory in the last weekend of January.