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California is a state of mind

Issue 90, Summer 2015


Rendered, on the cover of Metropolis’s American edition, in iridescent foil…

Out of hand

Issue 80, Summer 2011


Handwriting is a touchstone in the history of graphic design, where lettering meets the messy…

Born modern

Issue 10, Autumn 1993


Painting is dead, long live the dustjacket. Alvin Lustig brought modern art into American bookshops…

Naked words

Issue 82, Winter 2012


Type-only book covers – whether deliberately austere, functional … or shouting loud from the…

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Type Tuesday: Presstival

24 July 2012

Preview of a late summer festival for British print and type enthusiasts
We like the sound of ‘Presstival’, otherwise known as the annual open day of the Whittington Press, which takes place on Saturday 1 September this year.