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Incisive vision

Issue 86, Autumn 2013


Eduardo Paolozzi’s gifts as a collagist have been neglected by the worlds of both art and design.…

Little, British…

Issue 65, Autumn 2007


With contributors such as Ballard and Paolozzi, Ambit is a literary magazine that has always punched…

Play-centre of the avant-garde

Issue 22, Autumn 1996


At the institute of Contemporary Arts in London, design reflects a developing sense of identity and…


Issue 21, Summer 1996


Eduardo Paolozzi’s collage ‘novel’ Kex, made in 1966, has renewed resonance in the 1990s

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Books received #12

19 December 2014

Cut & Paste: 21st Century Collage, Spitalfields Nippers, A Field Guide to East London Wildlife, Shoreditch Wildlife and Eduardo Paolozzi.
Here are a few books that provided a little relief from Eye’s seasonal hangovers in recent days.