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Reputations: Gail Bichler

Issue 96, Spring 2018


‘Our content is hard to come by. You are designing in real time about world events. The freedom we…

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magCulture curates Eye

21 October 2019

In anticipation of magCulture live on Thu 7 Nov 2019, founder Jeremy Leslie has selected five articles from Eye’s huge archive
Eye is Media Partner for magCulture Live, and to anticipate the conference (formerly known as ModMag) to be held on Thursday 7 November 2019, magCulture founder Jeremy Leslie has selected five items about editorial design and magazines from Eye’s extensive online archive.

New York state of mag

24 May 2018

ModMag takes Manhattan next Wednesday for a one-day celebration of magazine-making with Gail Bichler, Richard Turley, Emily Oberman and more
Anyone who has attended or taken part in London’s annual Modern Magazine conference will know the depth of Jeremy Leslie’s love for magazines, writes John L. Walters.

Reportage lives

12 August 2016

Long reads, big pictures. Newspaper magazines rise to the challenge of telling real stories
This weekend two newspaper magazines step out of their usual structures and remind us what is possible with their formats when you think about content in a different way, writes Simon Esterson.

Broadsheet fiction

7 August 2016

Sunday’s New York Times included a section devised by the magazine team, an ‘ink-and-paper’ product not available in digital form
The New York Times published Sunday 7 August 2016 contained a monochrome newsprint section entirely devoted to a piece of fiction – Colson Whitehead’s ‘There was no other way’.