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Entranced by motion, seduced by stillness

Issue 33, Autumn 1999


New media is undergoing the kind of definition print went through centuries ago. A meditation on the…

Art and art direction (text in full)

Issue 38, Winter 2000


imply two separate worlds, yet artists who use text employ the techniques of graphic design. And so…

Reputations: Jon Barnbrook, Virus

Issue 15, Winter 1994


One of type design’s young stars talks about his new company and the pressures of early success.

Conference madness

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


It’s a messy hybrid of live chat show, summer camp, theatre and rock’n’roll

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Mirror mirror

18 November 2014

What do the reflections in the images for Bowie’s new compilation tell us about his relationship with the audience? By Kevin J. Hunt
Seeing someone else’s reflection in a mirror is a curious, even disconcertingly uncanny, affair, writes Kevin J. Hunt.

Noted #39

13 July 2012

Olympic graphics watch – pictograms, logos & signs that keep the flame alive
Here are a few reflections on Olympics graphics that caught our attention.