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Recalling the Vignelli experience

Issue 54, Winter 2004


‘In the early 1950s,’ begins Massimo Vignelli in the first chapter of this visual…

The Vignellis: a thoroughly Modernist marriage

Issue 60, Summer 2006


Lella and Massimo Vignelli talk to Eye’s
John L. Walters and Simon Esterson

A grid for all occasions

Issue 2, Winter 1991


Lella and Massimo Vignelli design by the grid, but they also live and work by the…

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Giants of the visual imagination

29 October 2012

While others struggle with ‘personal expression’, the Vignellis prove that a simple approach and focus makes great design, writes Quentin Newark.
   Quentin Newark writes:   As I was designing the catalogue for the Tate Modern exhibition ‘Albers and Moholy-Nagy’ (2006), a book hefty with designs for adverts, glass paintings, books, chairs, exhibitions, logos, films and colour studies, I thought: we don’t make them like that any more. Creative minds that can flit between disciplines without inhibition.