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Nameless thing

Issue 57, Autumn 2005


Tokyo’s TDC rewards work that transcends means, intention, content, context – and just ‘is’…

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Typorama spectacular

13 January 2014

This Paris retrospective of Philippe Apeloig’s cerebral, conceptual design and typography is a triumph that exceeds high expectations, reports Steven Heller
The last time I saw a gaggle of teenage art students sitting quietly on the floor in a museum gallery intently making sketches of posters hanging on a wall, as though they were drawing from classical plaster casts or painted masterworks, writes Steven Heller, was … never!

From cave to code

29 July 2013

Designer Scott W. Santoro writes about the lessons he learned while producing a textbook for graphic design students
My young son once asked, ‘Why are we here?’, writes Scott W. Santoro. When the question was flipped back to him, ‘Why do you think we are here, Ellis?’, he responded, ‘To learn stuff!’