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Issue 21, Summer 1996


Eduardo Paolozzi’s collage ‘novel’ Kex, made in 1966, has renewed resonance in the 1990s


Issue 38, Winter 2000


In a typographic tour de force, Richard Hamilton has turned Duchamp’s notes for the Large Glass…

Play-centre of the avant-garde

Issue 22, Autumn 1996


At the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, design reflects a developing sense of identity…

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Pop justice

30 September 2015

The curators of ‘The World Goes Pop’ have scoured the globe for overlooked and under-appreciated artists from a moment when art collided with the mass media
It is hard to dislike ‘The World Goes Pop’ (Tate Modern), with its mad visual assault on the senses, starting with Ushio Shinohara’s Doll Festival (1966) and finishing with Komar and Melamid’s mordant take-down of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Indiana, writes John L. Walters

Two degrees of (colour) separation

5 September 2008

Graphic Rolling Stones artefacts are saved for the nation
It began with a letter – addressed to the designer at the Royal College of Art, writes John L. Walters.