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The loneliest insight?

Issue 50, Winter 2003


A broadsheet tackles Helvetica’s use and abuse with the eye of an outsider

Reputations: Stephen Banham

Issue 46, Winter 2002


‘Helvetica has become the generic default, a safe formula under the guise of Modernism. It’s all…

Self-aggrandising, self-satisfied

Issue 38, Winter 2000


Brochures: Frost, Push, Elliott Peter Earls, the Office of CC …

Self-evident, self-motivated, self-perpetuating

Issue 38, Winter 2000


Creative work by Experimental Jetset, Mother, Struktur and others


Issue 15, Winter 1994


The driving force behind Qwerty – all A7 of it – is Stephen Banham, a 26-year-old…

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Noted #81

28 April 2017

De Worde, Span, Cashcow Oblique, Bad Decisions and Oz magazine
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Banham’s Melbourne letters

26 March 2013

The first thing you think on flipping through Characters is: Wow, I wouldn’t mind living in Melbourne, writes Robert Hanks.