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A waking dream

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


The notion of the brand and its plausible functions have been derailed and abstracted

Reputations: Ian Anderson

Issue 71, Spring 2009


‘When I took a back seat to allow TDR to grow beyond me, it died; its creative spark was crushed .…

Why a nifty logo is no longer enough

Issue 14, Autumn 1994


Corporate identity’s success may also be its undoing. The fear of making mistakes has led to a…

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Graphic design history to boot

2 November 2012

Everything must go when Ian Anderson sells off the contents of The Designers Republic (TDR) archive in its Car Booty Affair in Sheffield.
At what point does the ephemera that is graphic design become collectable? When does a piece of paper become an artefact? These are questions Ian Anderson of TDR makes us think about as he holds a retrospective exhibition of the studio’s work in the form of a car boot sale at the ‘Month of Sundays’ gallery in Sheffield.