Worth the paper it’s printed on?

Laurel Harper

Laurel Harper on paper samplers


High thoughts on a self-effacing art

Robin Kinross

‘To begin with, let us enumerate what is repulsive and therefore wrong.’ Thus opens an…

The desktop repro-house

Brett Wickens

Do-it-yourself reprographics are just around the corner, according to the suppliers. Brett Wickens urges…


David Stone Martin

Eye editors

Jazz Graphics by Manek Daver (Graphic-Sha, £27.50) is an encyclopaedic compendium of…

Word, image and emotion

Penny Sparke

Graphic design history is a notoriously tricky subject spanning, as it inevitably has to…

The end of an art form?

Tibor Kalman

Is the poster a valid communication medium or a historical object that graphic designers…

Dutch Best Books

Gerard Hadders

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Dutch Best Book Designs review was perhaps the public’s…

A graphiste comes home

Margo Rouard-Snowman

Though small, this significant exhibition by the French designer, Philippe Apeloig, whose…

A grid for all occasions

Rick Poynor

Lella and Massimo Vignelli design by the grid, but they also live and work by the grid.…
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