Strategies for telling truths

Paul Stiff

The sharpest books on design come from small independent publishers, such as Hyphen Press…

Seeds of digital romanticism

Mark Webster

Matt Pyke is a renowned English artist and designer who works at the forefront of digital…

Spinning out of common sense

Aaron Seymour

This is a slim, attractive volume, just the kind of thing to take on holiday, which is…
A quiet little blockbuster

A quiet little blockbuster

Stuart Bailey

Amid the heavyweight competition, this 150mm square block charms through a…

The stuff they like

The Fall 2000 issue of The Ganzfeld was a 152-page pocket book; the latest is bigger…
Twentieth-century Renaissance man

Twentieth-century Renaissance man

Jim Northover

My generation grew up in awe of a handful of American designers. Pre-eminent among…

Tear it down, build it up

James Pallister

In March 1966 the critic Reyner Banham wrote: ‘Architecture, staid queen-mother of the…
What makes designers tick?

What makes designers tick?

Jan Middendorp

Among design associations, the Alliance Graphique International (AGI, founded in…
Meet me in Provence

Meet me in Provence

Wayne Ford

If photography had a Mecca, the annual Rencontres d’Arles in the south of France…
Shouting from the shelves

Shouting from the shelves

John L. Walters

Faber and Faber, the independent British publisher founded in 1929 by Geoffrey Faber…
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