Review: June 2012


Running on empty

Rick Poynor

The work of artists such as Ed Ruscha, who base their art on language, raises some…
Art direction unknown

Art direction unknown

Keith Miller

What makes a photo art? It helps if you encounter it in some sanctioned art-viewing…

Aicher’s Heroic Aspirations

Richard Hollis

When the German designer Otl Aicher died in 1991, a particular kind of graphic design…

The Subversive Arts Of Crafting

Katherine Feo

For those familiar with the alternative craft movement, the mid-sized project manual…
The cultured sensibility of Cipe Pineles

The cultured sensibility of Cipe Pineles

Vici MacDonald

Cipe Pineles? Say it Sea-pea Pin-ell-ess; she’s credited with being America’s first…

A renaissance man’s mission

Nico Macdonald

Is John Maeda the new millennium’s successor to David Carson? Or the Leonardo da Vinci…

Looking this way and that

Phil Baines

In his introductory essay to Ed Fella’s book Lewis Blackwell writes: “America, unlike…

Heavy breathing at the crystal goblet

Robin Fior

Graphic Design & Reading will be assigned reading for my graduate students this fall,’…

Light and shade at the picture house

Adrian Shaughnessy

The work of conceptualist photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto explores notions of ‘comparison…

A million stories in the naked city

Catherine Dixon

The Light Surgeons’ LDN-Redux, which premiered in São Paulo in July, is a 35-minute…
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