Review: July 2012

A tale of two diagrams

A tale of two diagrams

Simon Esterson

MacDonald Gill at ‘Mind the Map’ in London

Gentle giant

Gentle giant

Clare Walters

Tom Gauld’s Goliath tells the story of David and Goliath from the latter’s point of…

From dump to designer bookshelf

Steven Heller

It seems antithetical to the DIY fanzine ethos for a book about the subject to be as well…

Hergé’s adventures in the world of graphics

Steven Heller

I frequently have lunch at a Belgian café in New York called Le Petite Abeille (the little…

On autopilot

Deborah Burnstone

A5 / 05: Lufthansa and Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airline (Lars Müller…

Cutting edge

the editors

A graphic design exhibition at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis promises to be huge –…

Print for the rag brands

Micha Weidmann

Graphic Design for Fashion features inspiring work for small to mid-size fashion labels…

Information overlord

Tony Pritchard

Anticipation was high among the audience for this rare public appearance by Edward Tufte…

British design myths dispelled

Kerry William Purcell

While, on the surface, Modern British Posters seeks to chart the evolution of the British…

Sensational now

David Crow

Depending on your expectations, ‘Decode’ at the V&A could leave you feeling full of…
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