Review: June 2012


Tear it down, build it up

James Pallister

In March 1966 the critic Reyner Banham wrote: ‘Architecture, staid queen-mother of the…
Meet me in Provence

Meet me in Provence

Wayne Ford

If photography had a Mecca, the annual Rencontres d’Arles in the south of France…
Consequent to the last detail

Consequent to the last detail

Robin Richmond

Looking at the kitchen mixers, hi-fi equipment and other products that Dieter Rams…
The words of the prophets

The words of the prophets

Henrik Kubel

Subway Art by photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant (Thames & Hudson, 1984)…

For your eyes only

Roger Sabin

Does a picture paint a thousand words, as Telly Savalas once postulated? This fascinating…

Golden years

Amalie Borg-Hansen

Published in the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and amid the increasing hype of…

South African Pop Culture

Sean O’Toole

… Liberally interpreted, Afro is a magazine. Eschewing the strict linear chronology of…

Telling it like it is

Gerry Leonidas

The long-running Typo Berlin conference brings together a thousand delegates under very…

The impact of Vorticism

Kerry William Purcell

Is it a sign of the growing acceptance of graphic design as a legitimate subject for the…

Divided along historical lines

Alexander Ecob

There is a strong similarity between geography and chronology. Both are concerned with…
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