Review: June 2012

Meet me in Provence

Meet me in Provence

Wayne Ford

If photography had a Mecca, the annual Rencontres d’Arles in the south of France…
The idea will not be found in a book

The idea will not be found in a book

Martha Scotford

This slim book of 80 pages will take maybe one hour of your time. The main text is an…
Consequent to the last detail

Consequent to the last detail

Robin Richmond

Looking at the kitchen mixers, hi-fi equipment and other products that Dieter Rams…
The words of the prophets

The words of the prophets

Henrik Kubel

Subway Art by photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant (Thames & Hudson, 1984)…

South African Pop Culture

Sean O’Toole

… Liberally interpreted, Afro is a magazine. Eschewing the strict linear chronology of…

Instruments of radical change

Richard Hollis

Rodchenko, Lissitzy and Moholy-Nagy were founding fathers of modern graphic design. Art…

A gap between screen and page

David Heathcote,

This is the book of the well received British TV series ‘Bridge’. The book is a…

The impact of Vorticism

Kerry William Purcell

Is it a sign of the growing acceptance of graphic design as a legitimate subject for the…

Divided along historical lines

Alexander Ecob

There is a strong similarity between geography and chronology. Both are concerned with…

Red rags to the male chauvinist bulls

Sally Jeffery

It is nearly 40 years since feminist hecklers reduced the comedian Bob Hope to silence at…
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