Review: June 2012

An unruly history

An unruly history

Darrel Rees

The big surprise, on first flicking through this weighty, image-packed book, is…

Who knows where the time flows?

Robin Fior

The latest in the stream of books authored by Steven Heller is useful (and not only to…

Spectacle and knowledge

Stephen Coates

This elegant mini-brick of a book, designed by Irma Boom, reproduces a selection of 700…
All the juice that fits, in bite-size bits

All the juice that fits, in bite-size bits

Tom Lynham

Shortly after it began trading, Innocent received a letter from the Trading Standards…

Art’s talented daughter

Martin Soames

Laurie Anderson’s communication skills, drawing ability and fund of ideas might have made…

Pieced together in Ambleside

Phil Baines

I’m sure that most designers will know about some aspect of Kurt Schwitters’ work…

Design’s virtual Woodstock

Véronique Vienne

I was spoilt for choice. The speakers had all been outstanding, the line-up stellar, the…

Down Mexico Way

Luke Pendrell

This hefty book examines the vernacular usage of the blackletter typeface in Mexico…

Swing to the right… creatively speaking

Kerry William Purcell

Many art and design educators look to the idea of the lateralisation of brain function…

One for the nihilistas

John O’Reilly

Throw up once at a party and it’s rude, ignorant and a bit pathetic. Make it a habit and…
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