Review: June 2012


Toast modern

Alex Coles

‘Typography is more a craft than an art – the graphic designer using type will need to be…

Good intentions writ large

Gérard Mermoz

The three alternatives recommended by the authors of Conscientious Objectives are to…

Symbolise and summarise

Brendan Dawes

Why has there never been a definitive book about the work of Saul Bass, one of the…
What makes designers tick?

What makes designers tick?

Jan Middendorp

Among design associations, the Alliance Graphique International (AGI, founded in…

Club-wielding poster boy

Alice Twemlow

‘American Badass’, ‘Totally Live, Totally Nude’, and ‘Follow Your Damn Bliss’ are some of…

Jump-cut collage

‘Roman Cieslewicz’, at London’s Royal College of Art features more than 150 items by the…
No way to treat a woman (designer)

No way to treat a woman (designer)

Véronique Vienne

A couple of years ago I wrote a series of essays whose working title was ‘Random…
Not dead, just sleeping

Not dead, just sleeping

David Brittain

There are 300 or so death masks in the collection of the Edinburgh Phrenological…

Another self-indulgent design monograph

John L. Walters

A wall of Stefan Sagmeister’s work / live apartment in New York bears the handwritten…

Font of all type knowledge

Ben Archer

With fine traditions in type and graphic design, but small sales volumes, Dutch books…
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