Autumn 2004

Moving imagemakers: dig the new breed

Motion Blur: Onedotzero: graphic moving imagemakers

Matt Hanson, Shane R. J. Walter. Design: State. Laurence King, £35

The emerging generation of motion graphics designers, VJs and digital directors is well represented by this handsome book, packed in a foam slipcase that also holds a DVD full of extracts. Examples include Johnny Hardstaff’s body-popping hardware, Kuntzel + Deygas’s retro titles for Catch Me if you Can, Alexander Rutterford’s vertiginous 3Space (to Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro), Sweden’s Swedotzero, Hexstatic and Geoff McFetridge (see Eye no. 47 vol. 12).

Written content is celebratory rather than critical, presented in a question and answer format that is laid out clearly, with a sympathetic use of colour, by State’s Philip O’Dwyer.

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