Autumn 2004

Music designers come clean for students

S Book Two

Ed. Nick Long. Arts Books International. A Southampton Institute Graphic Design Research Project. £6.99

A collection of interviews with 23 music-associated designers. The questions are pointed and clear; the answers lucid and informative - sometimes surprisingly candid, though frequently set in long, hard-to-read lines. Malcolm Garrett talks about his disappointment with Jamie Reid. Kate Gibb (Chemical Brothers) admits that ‘dance music isn’t really my cup of tea’. ‘I’ve always admired the Designers Republic’s releantless branding,’ says Christopher Murphy. ‘I have to do everything myself, and take on more liability and get paid less amid more competition,’ says Art Chantry. Peter Saville doesn’t want to work with Orange, Selfridges or Marks and Spencer - ‘it’s naff.’ Two-star design - it’s a student product, after all - but full of fascinating, four-star content.