Autumn 2001

Photographs of food

01.2 Manger/Eat

Coromandel Design

Published and designed by the Swiss / American practice Coromandel Design, 01.2 Manger / Eat, feels at first glance like a well designed stock photo book, themed with the subject of food. Yet the thick paperback is actually a kind of photography journal, with some art and new writing thrown in. Future themes include seduire / seduce, travailler / work and se déplacer / move. (The first issue was dormir / sleep.) There are previously unpublished photographs by more than 30 artists, including Nan Golding and Barbara Kruger. They combine a wide range of techniques and concepts with a very contemporary fusion of pleasure, disgust and moral ambivalence. The result is as stylish and blank as an issue of Purple.

First published in Eye no. 41 vol. 11, 2001