Winter 2002

Try this one at home (review in brief)

Digital Book Design and Publishing

By Douglas Holleley
Clarellen and the Cary Graphic
Arts Press, US dollars 39.95

The scope of this one-stop, beginner’s guide to self-publishing is ambitious: software essentials, crash courses in typography, layout and bookbinding techniques, as well as illustrations of digital montages and artists’ books – including plenty of the author’s own work. It provides a useful overview in some respects, but anyone new to Quark or Photoshop might be intimidated by the text-heavy explanations. Holleley, forgets essentials such as reminding beginners to click on a text or picture box before, say, adding a frame. Tips on scanning and printer calibration shortcuts are handy, though the section on binding and making covers is a little sketchy. Holleley may have tried to do too much with one volume, but its home-spun pioneer spirit is admirable, reflecting a growing awareness among artists of the possibilities offered by cheap computer equipment.

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