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Reputations: Irma Boom

Issue 88, Summer 2014


‘I compare my work to architecture. I don’t build villas, I build social housing. The books are…

Willem Sandberg: Warm printing

Issue 25, Summer 1997


The Dutch pioneer’s catalogues for the Stedelijk show a tactile use of sensual materials and…

Otto Neurath

Issue 19, Winter 1995


Otto Neurath’s 1936 book was the fullest exposition of his vision as an international visual…

Icons for the people

Issue 78, Winter 2010


A new V&A display and a book trace the method of visualising data pioneered by Otto Neurath in the…

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Drawing up Modern man

5 December 2018

Neurath and Kahn – the impresarios of early twentieth-century infographics. Review of Image Factories. Infographics 1920-1945
Image Factories. Infographics 1920-1945’s humble appearance belies its contents – a wealth of precious knowledge and visuals, and an elaborate inner design that uses three different papers and special colour prints, writes Sandra Rendgen.

Charts change minds

13 June 2012

Description of the slave ship Brookes, 1788 – infodesign history in Eye 82
Eighteenth-century abolitionists used every propaganda tool in the book, but one of their most widely circulated visual aids was an innovative diagram of the Liverpool slave ship Brookes, first published in 1788, writes Anne-Marie Conway in Eye 82.