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Bodies, text and motion

Issue 21, Summer 1996


Peter Greenaway’s new film, The Pillow Book, is his most sophisticated essay in graphic cinema

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Bubbles black as ink

10 April 2017
Design education, Illustration, Typography, Visual culture

For the past 28 years, Barrie Tullett has been making a typographic Dante, a project to illustrate all 100 Cantos of the Divine Comedy with letterpress, typewriters and Letraset. He is still in Purgatory … and on show in Dublin.
Appropriately enough, my love affair with typography began with a Lonely Hearts Ad, writes Barrie…

No more bedtime stories

18 October 2009
Graphic design, New media, Technology, Visual culture

Peter Greenaway’s Tulse Luper VJ Performance at the Brisbane Festival
It’s the death of ‘cinemahhh’, or at least ‘total freedom from classic cinematographic linearity’ reports…