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Nostalgia for the Carnation Revolution

Issue 89, Winter 2014


The exhibition ‘Freedom of Image’, which was spread throughout Porto between May and September 2014…

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Ghosts of designbots yet to come

21 December 2016
Critical path, Design education, Graphic design, Technology

Automated graphic design and the rise of robot creatives – Francisco Laranjo files a critical report from the perspective of Christmas 2025
From our perspective here in 2025, it all seems inevitable, writes Francisco Laranjo. But maybe…

Five strategies tabled in Eindhoven

27 October 2014
Critical path, Graphic design, Posters, Visual culture

Van Abbemuseum throws new light on Jan van Toorn’s critical design practice
Homage exhibitions are inherently celebratory, writes Francisco Laranjo. However ‘Staging the Message: The Open Work…