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Grey matter ... in living colour

10 May 2012
Graphic design, Information design, Reviews, Visual culture

The Wellcome Collection slices through the beauty and terror of brains
The Wellcome Collection asks: ‘not what brains do for us, but what we have done…

Fresh garbage

31 March 2011
Information design, Posters, Reviews, Visual culture

‘Matter out of place’ and filthy reality at the Wellcome’s new show
The Wellcome Collection’s new show is all about ‘Dirt: The filthy reality of everyday life’…

Spinning, swirling, reeling

25 November 2010
Illustration, Music design, Posters, Reviews, Technology, Visual culture

This history of mind-altering drugs favours the eye over the brain
‘High Society’, the Wellcome Collection’s latest exhibition, aims to chart a 2000-year history of mind-altering…

League of gentlemen

27 September 2010
Book design, Illustration, Music design, Posters, Visual culture

The Ivy Look is a cool, coffee-table book for the hip pocket
It’s pretty much official. The 1960s are seriously cool, writes Rosie Walters. They’ve been cool…