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The case of Romek Marber

Issue 91, Spring 2016


The Polish-born graphic designer behind Penguin’s ‘Marber grid’ helped to define British postwar graphic design with work of great power and originality. His work can be seen in a touring exhibition, now in Krakow. Interview by John L. Walters. Portrait by Philip Sayer

James Mosley: A life in objects

Issue 90, Summer 2015


Through his ideas, collecting and dogged research, the former St Bride librarian has shown that printing history can be both lively and opinionated. The world of typography owes him a great debt

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Something to say

7 November 2012
Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Technology, Typography

The current vogue for letterpress is more than mere retro-nostalgia, writes Catherine Dixon in the run-up to Friday’s St Bride conference.
Letterpress is everywhere, writes Catherine Dixon (co-organiser of ‘Letterpress: Something to Say’). Once a boutique…

Noted #45

26 October 2012
Graphic design, Illustration, Posters, Typography, Visual culture

Sneaker art, Coverthink on news design, Kerouac, Lubalin, letterpress and a letter from the Gentle Author.
This week in Noted: branding, editorial design, Kerouac’s scroll, letterpress, more Herb Lubalin and an…

Letterpress: a lingering impression

5 November 2011

A week before a one-day event at the St Bride Foundation in London, a survey of recent activities which explore the enduring relevance of letterpress.
Letterpress is everywhere. First, it was a boutique fashion of designer-types. Now it’s in John…

Early adopter: Desmond Jeffery

4 November 2009
Design history, Graphic design, Posters, Reviews, Typography, Visual culture

St Bride hails the ‘non-designer’ who’s an unsung hero of British Modernism
The most exciting graphic design exhibition I’ve seen in London recently is at the St Bride…