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Attack of the book jackets

Issue 104, Spring 2023


Tupigrafia A-Z is the book of the Brazilian magazine Tupigrafia published by Claudio Rocha and Tony…

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Books received no. 48

23 March 2022
Book design, Design education, Typography

Manuale di Calligrafia; Sign Painting: a practical guide to tools, materials, and techniques; and The Showcards Book

Here are few books on calligraphy and sign painting that caught our attention …

‘XXX’ marks the spot

6 September 2018
Design history, Graphic design, Technology, Typography, Visual culture

Letter Exchange, a network of professionals in the lettering arts, type design and typography, is to host a conference in Cambridge in October
2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Letter Exchange, the organisation for professionals in the lettering…