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Issue 74, Winter 2009


Content is king at Nicolas Bourquin’s Onlab, but its editorial focus incorporates visual delight…

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Systems of nightlife

13 September 2020

Over the past five years, Vanja Golubovic and Onlab Geneva have crafted several series of powerful posters for the Berlin techno club Tresor. By Daniel Melfi
Until the lockdown, Vanja Golubovic and her team designed around twenty flyers each month for Berlin’s iconic Tresor Club, writes Daniel Melfi.

Graphic days out

10 October 2018

The third edition of Torino Graphic Days, a ‘visual design festival’, shows the playful side of visual communication
In just two years, Torino Graphic Days (TGD) has developed into an ambitious and wide-ranging international ‘visual design festival’, writes Andrew Robertson.

Destination design

8 July 2013

Several quite different summer schools take design education to Portugal, Lithuania and Sicily
Summer presents a chance to explore new destinations and starting this month, a number of summer schools are using location as the starting point for design exploration writes Linda Kwon.

Ramble on

19 May 2011

Greece’s Design Walk returns with a lecture by Onlab in Athens
Last year’s Design Walk in Athens raised some thorny issues for Greek designers, writes John Ridpath: from coping with financial crisis and poor education, to asking whether there is actually is such a thing as ‘Greek design’ (see ‘Athenian walkways’ and ‘Signs of a city’). I spoke with Michael Ochs of pi6 about how things have changed over the past year (see last year’s interview, part of the Athens snapshots series). ‘pi6 is struggling its way through the Greek jungle and we are doing well’, he said. ‘But as you can imagine, things are not easy here. The economy is ruined, no one is investing and you can be happy if you have work.’