Winter 2002

Books received

Books received

Compiled by Faye Dowling

365 AIGA Year in Design 22
Edited by Andrea Codrington
This year’s chronicle of North American graphics is designed by Chicago-based Studio Blue. To be reviewed in a future issue.

A Type Primer
By John Kane
Laurence King Publishing, £17.95
The principles and practice of typography.

A View of Early Typography
By Harry Carter
Hyphen Press, £25
New edition of the acclaimed guide to the production and use of type, reprinted with an introduction by James Mosley.

About Face: Reviving the Rules of Typography
By David Jury
RotoVision, £29.95
A comprehensive study of the history, theory and practice of typography, illustrated throughout with landmark design from the likes of Phil Baines and Anthony Froshaug. An essential guide to the ‘Rules’ for those who wish to break them.

Asia Grace
By Kevin Kelly
Taschen, £20
Pictures of the continent, from Iran to Japan, in sumptuous colour.

Beside Myself: the Potential for Dialogue in Graphic Design
By R. G. Walkley
A Game Between Two Players

By Daniella Valle & Richard Walkley
Both published by Valle Walkley, £18 each.
Limited editions, self-published by Royal College of Art graduates Valle and Walkley, for their MA degree show.

Cardboard Engineering Source Book
By Rob Ives
Flying Pig, £29.95
Inspirational, photocopiable guide to mechanical cardboard model-making.

Digital Information Graphics
Matt Woolman
Thames & Hudson, £24.95

D. Y. D. K. W. T. D. W
Compiled by Siu King Chung & Phoebe Wong
MCCM Creations, $US38
The title stands for ‘Designs You Don’t Know What To Do With’. A Hong Kong-published scrapbook of failed projects in disciplines ranging from advertising to architecture.

The Education of a Design Entrepreneur
Edited by Steven Heller
Allworth Press, .95
Fifty essays and interviews on the pitfalls and pleasures of going it alone.

Festive: The Art and Design of Promotional Mailing
By Scott Witham
RotoVision, £27.50

Flash to the Core: an Interactive Sketchbook
By Joshua Davies
New Riders, £34.99
Inspiration and guidance from the mind behind the award-winning site

Chemistry (Unexpected Graphic Objects)
By Fold 7
Laurence King Publishing, £12.95
Experiments in print (and a guide to household drug-taking).

Graphically Speaking: A Visual A-Z Guide for Better Designer-Client Communication
By Lisa Buchanan
David & Charles, £19.99

Grids for the Internet and Other Digital Media
By Veruschka Götz
Navigation for the Internet and Other Digital Media
By Studio 7.5
Both published by AVA, £24.50 each

The Designer and the Grid
By Lucienne Roberts and Julia Thrift
RotoVision, £34.95

In Alphabetical Order: File under Graphic Design, Schools, or Werkplaats Typografie
Edited by Stuart Bailey
NAi, €18
With a nod to Stefan Themerson (‘Twenty is . . . the time when the retina of our eye becomes tattooed with the picture of reference points . . .’) Bailey gives a personal account of the Arnhem workshop. Essays by Froshaug, Potter, Kinross, Hammer, Elliman on design education are augmented by a smattering of Werkplaats work.

Oodles of Doodles
Edited by Steffanie Lorig
Art With A Heart Press, .95
Hefty vanity charity activity book developed by a community offshoot of the AIGA for hospitalised children – who may find it too heavy to handle.

Mapping: an Illustrated Guide to Graphic Navigational Systems
Edited by Roger Fawcett-Tang
Essays by William Owen
RotoVision, £34.95,
Overview of contemporary navigation design, with case studies ranging from Struktur Design’s Perpetual Kalendar to Pentagram’s Stansted Airport signage.

With texts by Wim Crouwel, Paul Verhoeven and Derrick de Kerckhove
BIS Publishers, €39
Print, interactive and motion graphics from the Dutch design collective.

McSweeney’s 8
Edited by Dave Eggers

McSweeney’s Quarterly

Hardback issue, guest-edited by Paul Maliszewski, featuring contemporary writing that explores the themes of fact, fiction and variations on the truth.

The National Security Strategy of the United States of America
Winterhouse Editions
Slim volume published in partnership with the AIGA by William Drenttel, who notes: ‘The policies in this report will have a far-reaching impact not only on American life, but on the coming course of world events.’

Net Mode: Web Fashion Now
By Laird Borrelli
Thames & Hudson, £16.95

NORM: The Things
By Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs
NORM, £25.99

No Brief: Graphic Designers’ Personal Projects
By John O’Reilly
RotoVision, £29.95,
A compendium of work by off-duty designers, from cards and promotional material to conceptual art.

Oranje & Green
By Conor Clarke
BIS Publishers, €32
The relationship between Dutch and Irish graphic design explored through the work of Jan de Fouw, The Stone Twins and their contemporaries.

The Pocko Collection
Books 7-10 by Yasumasa Yonehara, Hiro Sugiyama, Marta Kuzma & Artists and Maya Arulpragasam
Pocko Editions, £4.99 each
[Picture 22: A Ukrainian officer poses Sophie Dahl-style, from Kuzma’s U El El Ul El TE KA] Themes of war and innocence dominate series three, including political illustration and poetry.

‘See what I’m talking about?’
Collated by Nokia, Contra and students of Central Saint Martins
Contra Publishing, £23.40
Montage of text messages and photos documenting the interaction between graphics students via camera phones.

Shopping Poems €59
Olivier Saillard
Sweet Water €29
Marie-Jose Jongerius
Fatbottomedgirls €39
Julie Verhoeven
Madones Infertiles €39
By Jean-Christian Bourcart
Published by Tdm Éditions
Four elegant books from the publishing house founded by designers A. Jean and É. Pillault of Tdm studio in Paris. These monographs include Verhoeven’s heady drawings, inspired by top 40 pop songs, launching a new series that celebrates the work of independent creatives.

Sonic Process: une nouvelle géographie des sons
Centre Pompidou, €45
A collection of French language essays, interviews and analysis which support a current sound art exhibition at the Pompidou Centre. The catalogue design is the work of Alexandre Laumonier (founder of Nomad’s land).

Spring Snow — a translation
By Alison Turnbull, Art direction by James Goggin
Book Works, £12
A conceptual interpretation of Yukio Mishima’s novel. Inspired by the author’s evocative prose, Turnbull charts the narrative with a storyboard of colour, tones from the original text. Tony White comments on the form and nature of this project with a patchwork of fact and fiction in his introduction.

Street Graphics Tokyo
By Barry Dawson
Thames & Hudson, £12.95

The Illustrated Ape
Edited by Christian Patterson and Michael Sims
Illustrated by Paul Davis
The Illustrated Ape Company, £3.50
Dedicated to ‘Les Girls’, this refreshing quarterly features poetry, fiction and illustration ranging from the absurd to the insane. With a column entitled ‘Celebrity Death Flash’ and an imaginary editor, ‘Cornelius’, it could be mistaken for a wayward lovechild of the elusive Timothy McSweeney. The team invites writers, illustrators and artists to contribute to future issues.

Toit du Monde
Edited by Sigismond de Vajay
Lars Müller Publishers, £31
Celebration of artists who worked in the eponymous, now demolished, Swiss multi-disciplinary space.

Typographic Design: Form and Communication
By Rob Carter, Ben Day and Philip Meggs
Wiley, £37.50
Updated edition of a useful resource for students and professionals.

Typographica, 1900-2000
Edited by C.F. Hultenheim,
Royal Library Stockholm, 150SEK
Catalogue of a century of print and font design from Fabien Baron, Bob Gill and Paul Rand, among many others.

Unjustified Texts: Perspectives on Typography
By Robin Kinross
Hyphen Press, £20
A collection of Kinross’ writing for Blueprint, Eye and many others, on subjects ranging from the Dutch telephone book to semiotics.
[To be reviewed in a future issue.]

Z Magazine: Portraits of Homeless
Z-vendors in Amsterdam
Artimo, €7.50
One-off glossy magazine to promote the work of homeless sellers of Z magazine, with contributions by 30 photographers and writers.


50 Fast Photoshop 7 Techniques
Gregory Georges, £25.95

Dreamweaver MX Bible
Joseph W. Lowery, £34.99

Dreamweaver MX Weekend Crash Course
Wendy Peck, £18.99

Fireworks MX Bible
Joseph W. Lowery and Darren Whiteman, £33.50

Flash MX Bible
R. Reinhardt and S. Dowd, £34.99
All published by Wiley Publishing Inc.

Compiled by Faye Dowling