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A tradition with breaks

Issue 86, Autumn 2013


Stencil typefaces – late arrivals on the typographic scene – are going in new directions and rediscovering their history.

The digital reality of ‘emotional products’

Issue 69, Autumn 2008


Adrian Shaughnessy has long been an astute observer of music graphics from both outside and inside…

‘Folk art’ without the quote marks

Issue 57, Autumn 2005


When I first met Jeremy Deller eleven years ago it was a match made in…

The book design complex

Issue 75, Spring 2010


The annual one-day conference at St Bride Library in Bride Lane (off Fleet Street) has…

Books received

Issue 46, Winter 2002


365 AIGA Year in Design 22Edited by Andrea CodringtonAIGA, This year’s chronicle of North American graphics…

Always in flux

Issue 82, Winter 2011


The first major museum-based American graphic design exhibition in fifteen years, ‘Graphic Design: Now in…

Scribble and strum

Issue 76, Summer 2010


The layout and art direction of music magazines reflect and champion a wide spectrum of tastes and genres.

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Blurred boundaries

1 November 2011
Design history, Graphic design, Reviews, Visual culture

The hybrid state of ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’
The typeface Union, a synthesis of Helvetica and Arial, is ‘intended for situations where Helvetica…

Graphic designers in Barcelona

23 September 2011
Book design, Graphic design, Information design, Music design, Posters, Typography, Visual culture

This year’s AGI Open has the theme: ‘What. How. Why.’
There’s just over a week to go until this year’s AGI Open in Barcelona (…

Design MAs: is a year enough?

5 July 2010
Design education, Graphic design, Reviews

Balancing independence, curriculum, employability and time for reflection
As continental schools adapt to the bachelor-master system and the competition for (and among) students…

Lost for words

5 February 2010
Graphic design, Typography

Designing new sentences from the latest dictionary additions
OK-RM’s cumulative new year publication series asks where English culture is, and what it means to…

The Form of the Book 1

30 January 2009
Book design, Graphic design, Visual culture

Time to consider a more holistic approach to publishing design?
To celebrate today’s ‘The Form of the Book’ conference at St Bride Library (above), Catherine…