Issue 76


Left out of the frame
Rick Poynor
This collection of short COI films is full of fascinating details, but short on context. Critique by Rick Poynor
the editor
Music design special issue
Editorial, the editor, John L. Walters
Introducing Eye’s first-ever music design special …


Yin  and yang
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter, co-founder of the first major digital foundry, explains how he came to design his first wood type
the editor
Record sleeves are dead – long live music design!
Sound and vision
John L. Walters, the editor
Given the visceral feelings stirred by music, it’s time we found new, meaningful associations between music and design.
Attacked by music, type and light
Noel Douglas
Technology on tour. Noel Douglas talks to UVA’s Matt Clark about their sets for Massive Attack
Classical crossroads
Peter Quantrill, Mike Dempsey, Philip Sheppard
Design meets serious music: long programme notes, small budgets and ‘de-averaging’
Make music visible
John L. Walters
Gerard Saint’s Big Active is on a mission to turn music into something tangible through art direction and design.
One man brand?
Adrian Shaughnessy
Manfred Eicher’s uncompromising artistic vision has always defined the look and feel of ECM.
Formal lawlessness [EXTRACT]
Eric Heiman
Fragmentation in the music industry has aided the rise of rock posters – personal, ‘unbranded’, cool – sold directly to fans.
Grab the  hook
Jane Cheng
‘Musicians are cooler than normal people, even if they’re flakey and poor!’ – Chattanooga’s Young Monster
Reputations: Alex Steinweiss
Steven Heller
‘I got this idea that the way they were selling these albums was ridiculous. The covers were just brown, tan or green paper. I said, “Who the hell’s going to buy this stuff? There’s no push to it. There’s no attractiveness. There’s no sales appeal.” So I told them I’d like to start designing covers.’
Pack shots
Form swamping content? Or a welcome new wave of graphical expression?
Vaughan Oliver’s Minotaur
Vaughan Oliver
This Pixies box set was a chance to make brand new artwork with a student team from UCA
Unkle’s erotic box
Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones
Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones create an identity for James Lavelle’s ‘faceless’ project
Every shop is a gallery
Kate Moross
Kate Moross, whirlwind force behind vinyl-only label Isomorph, explains their mission to ‘make music look good’
Interview with Dan Fern
John L. Walters
Professor Dan Fern explains his pioneering ‘MAP / making’ course at the Royal College of Art, London.
All her own invention
John L. Walters
Graphic design’s recent concerns have for decades been at the heart of Laurie Anderson’s practice
Dot dot rock
Zoë Street Howe
Zoë Street Howe on the black art of ‘metal umlauts’
Design + music = magic
Fred Deakin
The scene creates the style, and sleeves tell us what their contents sound like, but what next?
Scribble and strum
Andrew Losowsky
The layout and art direction of music magazines reflect and champion a wide spectrum of tastes and genres.