Issue 75


Jay Prynne
The technology that allows us to control type on the Web is available. Now designers and foundries have to decide how to use it best.
The future is ours to see
Rick Poynor
SpaceCollective’s innovative website, at once lucid and intoxicating, adds substance to techno-hippie optimism. Critique by Rick Poynor
the editor
Eye 75 contents
Eye Education, Steven Heller
Steven Heller on Gail Anderson’s SVA class in typographic animation
John L. Walters
We all work with words, whether we’re writers, bloggers, editors, Tweeters, curators or designers. And working…


Over the rainbow
John L. Walters
From advertising to illustration; posters to badges; fashion shows to pop videos, the design work of Anthony Burrill has become quietly ubiquitous
Machine head
Rick Poynor
Fritz Kahn commissioned illustrators to realise his surreal pedagogical vision – mechanical metaphors for the human body.
They work with words: 1
Fraser Muggeridge
Fraser Muggeridge has devised a typographic spread exclusively for Eye.
They work with words: 2
Jon Link, Mick Bunnage
Modern Toss has devised a typographic spread about the perils and pleasures of punctuation – exclusively for Eye.
They work with words: 3
Oliver Knight, Rory McGrath
As an exercise in cross-Channel translation, OK-RM has devised a typographic spread exclusively for Eye.
Reputations: Peter Biľak
Mark Thomson
‘I have more reasons to make fonts than ever … typeface design is a cumulative process, there are more possible entry points, more references, more inspiration than ever before. As with books, when you engage in reading, it points to more books … you might appreciate the ones you read early on more, because of your new understanding.’
Deep in the archives
Christian Schwartz, Paul Barnes
Contemporary type designers Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes select some historical type specimens that excite and intrigue them.
Make each letter speak out loud
Liz Farrelly
Illustrative typography is rewiring the way we read art, design and communication
To the letter
Paul Shaw
Calligraphy, in the hands of artists like Carl Kurtz and Susan Skarsgård, can be abstract, gestural, conceptual, or simply beautiful. It is always surprising.
Up close and tight
Laura Forde
The legendary Herb Lubalin brought humour, sensuality and a contemporary flourish to complex typographic arrangements.