Summer 2022

Printer poet

The Last Cuckoo: Dennis Gould

Directed and produced by Mark Chaudoir, edited by Ben Bishop and Polly Ward, camera by Richard Jopson.

Poet and letterpress printer Dennis Gould in his Stroud workshop.

The Last Cuckoo: Dennis Gould

Stroud-based poet, letterpress printer and activist Dennis Gould is the subject of The Last Cuckoo, a short film that captures the life and work of an individual within the creative environment that sustains him. Filmed when Gould was 79 (he is 85 this year), the pandemic interrupted director Mark Chaudoir’s original schedule, but his study has managed to capture the essence of someone fully committed to poetry and to print.

In The Last Cuckoo, Gould’s words, whether spoken out loud or printed on paper, are framed against the backdrop of the Cotswold town that has played an important role in fuelling his rebellious spirit. Gould’s involvement in activism has been there since his earliest days of political protests and CND marches. As a young man in the peace movement, he even spent a short time in prison …

Mark Sinclair senior editor at Unit Editions and freelance writer, Stroud

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