Issue 103


Editorial Eye 103
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Editorial, the editor, John L. Walters
It is commonplace to say that history is written by the winners, but the historical record needs to be challenged.
Unfinished business
Critical path, Graphic design, Rick Poynor
Scott King’s rallying call for creative freedom takes a satirical swipe at cultural gatekeepers. By Rick Poynor
In the arms of the cold cold ground
Martin Colyer
Photographer Robert Gumpert tells the stories of San Francisco’s homeless. By Martin Colyer [EXTRACT]
Bound for modernity
Simon Esterson
Spiral and comb binding have been rehabilitated for aesthetics and practicality. By Simon Esterson [EXTRACT]


Reputations: Garry Fabian Miller
Grant Gibson
‘I decided photography had to be colour when I was sixteen years old … The materials were difficult, but Cibachrome has this incredible colour saturation and permanence.’ Interview by Grant Gibson. Portrait by Philip Sayer. [EXTRACT]
Icons of oppression
Sara De Bondt
Belgian graphic design and the colonisation of Congo. By Sara De Bondt [EXTRACT]
Noise free
Paolo Ferrarini
Tomo Tomo, the Milanese editorial design studio founded by Luca Pitoni and Davide Di Gennaro, aims for clarity and structure. By Paolo Ferrarini. Portrait by Luigi Fiano [EXTRACT]
Battlefield of ideas
Anoushka Khandwala
Greg Bunbury’s Black Outdoor Art project plays on our expectations of media space and expression. By Anoushka Khandwala [EXTRACT]
John L. Walters
Lucinda Rogers’ reportage drawings captured the urgent activism and human drama that surrounded Cop26, the 2021 Glasgow climate summit. By John L. Walters. Portrait by Jillian Edelstein [EXTRACT]
Captain airbrush
Mike Dempsey
Illustrator Harry Willock’s role has been overlooked, yet his work with Alan Aldridge produced scores of era-defining works. Mike Dempsey reports. Portrait by Philip Sayer. [EXTRACT]
Time stretched further out
John L. Walters
We made this: Punkt’s design for David Sylvian’s photobook ERR