Summer 2004

South African Pop Culture


Designed and edited by Peet Pienaar<br>Publisher: Daddy Buy Me a Pony<br>Contact: [email protected]

Liberally interpreted, Afro is a magazine. Eschewing the strict linear chronology of a bound magazine format, Afro consists of a series of loose inserts, ranging from A3-sized printed sheets to a beer mat-sized collection of African football club logos. Folded and neatly held together by elastic, the magazine arrives sized not much larger than a standard Post-it note stack …

Afro has emerged at a time when alternative publications are slowly infiltrating the South African marketplace. Unlike the rather lacklustre designs of its competitors, Afro arrived fully dressed for the occasion. While its ornate visual language is entirely peculiar to Pienaar, his project nonetheless manages to evoke something of the graphic naivety of the continent that inspired his vision.

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