Issue 105


Editorial Eye 105
John L. Walters
At a time when people are seeing Artificial Intelligence as either a get-rich scheme or an existential threat …
Connecting a collection
John L. Walters
A stylish pack of artist cards celebrates this German-Japanese collaboration. By John L. Walters
Overloading the page
Rick Poynor
A big survey of Dutch photobooks raises issues about visual editing and layout. Critique by Rick Poynor


Reputations: Brian Collins
Louise Sandhaus
‘The way I see it, problem-seeking is the yin to the yang of problem-solving. Solving is narrow and practical. Seeking is expansive and brimming with possibility. Solving asks “What’s wrong?” and then tries to fix it. Seeking asks “What if?” and then shows how.’ Interview by Louise Sandhaus [EXTRACT]
Artificial idiot
Marian Bantjes
Unpredictable, cliché’d, wonderful, neither artificial nor intelligent– is AI the dumbest new kid on the block or the future of illustration? Marian Bantjes explores the weird world of text-to-image generators [EXTRACT]
Artificial idiot: Pegasi, people and golden warriors
Marian Bantjes
Marian Bantjes makes collages using multiple AI images [EXTRACT]
Artificial idiot: Deep fake, pink fake
Marian Bantjes, Eye editors
Pum Lefebure’s Design Army made AI ‘space tourism’ landscapes for an adventurous client. By Marian Bantjes / Eye Editors [EXTRACT]
Artificial idiot: Puzzling answers to nonexistent questions
Marian Bantjes, Eye editors
Jonathan Hoefler experiments with AI to create what he calls ‘Apocryphal Inventions’. By Marian Bantjes / Eye Editors [EXTRACT]
The power of physical books
Mark Sinclair
Sonya Dyakova has a way with words, ideas, space and type. By Mark Sinclair [EXTRACT]
The creative anarchist
Rick Poynor
Printer, poet, designer and publisher Dennis Gould interweaves the personal with the political in his clamorous, intuitive letterpress work. By Rick Poynor. [EXTRACT]
The quiet confidence  of Tomoko Miho
Elizabeth Resnick
The influence of three continents underpins the meticulous work of this underrated Japanese-American graphic designer. By Elizabeth Resnick [EXTRACT]