Summer 2003

In my honey’s loving arms [extract]

Daniel Nadel

R. Crumb’s portraits reveal a tender side to the self-confessed misogynist

Robert Crumb calls his new book, Gotta Have ’Em, (Greybull Press), ‘an autobiography of sorts’. But rather than delivering a comic book tale of his life, this tome is a collection of four decades’ worth of tender, articulate portraits of the women closest to him. It begins in 1964, with a portrait of Crumb’s first wife, Dana, when the artist was just twenty years old and continues until last year, ending with a portrait of his twenty-year-old daughter, Sophie. Crumb may be known for many things, but affectionate drawings of women is not one of them . . .

Gotta Have ’Em: Portraits of Women by R. Crumb, Greybull Press, USD55

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