Issue 48


John L. Walters
There are times when graphic design seems stuck in what Lorraine Wild called the Great Tao…
Devotion, Armin Vit
Armin Vit admires the Cooper Black typeface
correspondence, Letter to the editor,
Letter from Tracy J. Forman, General Manager, Arkitip
Letter to the editor, Todd St. John
Letter from Todd St John
Letter to the editor, Michael Johnson
Letter from Michael Johnson
Letter to the editor, Quentin Newark
Letter from Quentin Newark
Letter to the editor, Christopher Wilson
Letter from Christopher Wilson
Monitor, Alice Twemlow
Jean Widmer, A Devotion to Modernism: Itinerary of a Designer from Zurich to Paris
Luxurious frugality
Rick Poynor
An in-flight magazine for bored bourgeois bohemians. Critique by Rick Poynor


David Thompson
Chris Ware’s new mural tells the story of the human race
Jason Grant
Hand-made signs from an anti-war demo
Bring me the head of Nelson Mandela
Sean O'Toole
Activist; fugitive; prisoner; icon: the evolving face of a famous name
Daoud Sarhandi
Why does Mexican advertising look nothing like the Mexicans?
Nick Shinn
The type and layout of a Victorian weekly anticipated Modernism
Judith Williamson
The bleak reality of sexism, however 1970s, or ‘cool’, demands a critique
Eye writers
Tracing the line from art for dummies to design for sexists
Daniel Nadel
R. Crumb’s portraits reveal a tender side to the self-confessed misogynist
Reputations: David King
Christopher Wilson
‘You develop a visual style as you would a handwriting one … The content is what you concentrate on’