Summer 2017

Animals fight back

The Animals’ Vegan Manifesto

by Sue Coe
Or Books, £14

This book of 115 black-and-white woodcut illustrations and few words carries an affecting, forceful message. The Animals’ Vegan Manifesto by Sue Coe (Or Books, £14/$17) portrays the way animals live innocent lives in tune with the rhythms of nature, while humans so often go against them in blind pursuit of self-gratification and with an inflated sense of importance that leaves little room for empathy with the universe. The question that shouts from the pages of this book is: how can human beings have so little respect for the animal kingdom with which
they share this world?


Right and top: Cover and woodcut from The Animals’ Vegan Manifesto.


Andrzej Klimowski, artist and educator, London

Read the full version in Eye no. 94 vol. 24, 2017


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